Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where We're Sitting

We're getting emails from friends saying you are looking for us and you'd like to know: where are we sitting?

First, let me describe how you get inside. (See other post "Feeling Secure?"

Leah came last night and I went out, beyond the security perimeter to meet her. We all have to go through two security checkpoints to get inside. If you come to the Pepsi Center at a reasonable time, say, after 6 pm but well before the prime-time speakers at 7:30, you are caught in a massive line for 45 minutes at least while everyone goes through airport level security and examination. But then you're in and hopefully, everyone is safe. There is a huge secret service and SWAT team presence. Is it needed? Who knows. Leah thought several of the guys looked like Matt Damon in the Borne Identity.

For Hillary's speech, we were up in John's KFWB skybox at the very top floor right next to the Spanish language reporters from Radio Marti and the African American reporters from Voice ONE, sitting on metal aisle steps seemingly suspended over the top of the entire convention hall. This floor provided working space for all kinds of radio-based medai--NPR, CBS, Reuters, CBS. Even though we were perched on a meal stairwell sort of hanging in midair, it was a fabulous seat, facing the stage, 3 large video screen and fresh air.

For Michelle's speech on Monday (Leah wasn't here yet), I was on the floor--special pass required, provided for 1 hour--standing in an aisle, looking right at her. A crush of people pressing behind me. Not fun. Thought I'd get beaned by one of those signs. BUT--the ability to look directly at Michelle Obama LIVE and REAL and then look up and see her on 3 larger than life video monitors reveals exactly what movie star glamour is all about. Yes, the camera loves her, as it loved Garbo and Hepburn and Penelope Cruz and Sophia Loren.

By the way, I was completely won over by Michelle Obama on Tuesday at the Emily's List private luncheon for big women $$ donors. Even though I saw her via video feed in the hotel lobby becuase the event was sold out, she was more real, more willing to let down her guard. Go girlfriend!!!!

Back to seating--For Ted Kennedy's speech, I was in my official press section which they put waaaaay to the right of the stage (and another one waaaay to the left of the stage) so I could only see Kennedy in profile. Profile in Courage I guess!!

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