Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh, what a night!

Omigod, it’s been an all-Clinton convention for two days!! Since the Emily’s List reception last night, her speech on Tuesday and OHMIGO—we got into her PRIVATE reception thanking all her delegates. Her speech this afternoon was ALSO completely fantastic.

I have it all on tape. I gave that tape recorder back to John...long story....and as soon as he gives it back, Leah will help me upload her speech this afternoon and put it on our website.

So, Tuesday night, Wednesday afternoon, and then the INCREDIBLE move during the roll call vote when Hillary/New York delegation moved to nominate Barack by acclimation....a life highlight. And then Bill’s speech—again, a career highlight, the charisma, the ability to lay out the case and make every single person in the giant convention center feel as if he were speaking directly to us, and us alone.

Hill-ar-ree! Hill-ar-ree!!

It’s been all-Clinton because Obama literally hasn’t been there. But in the afternoon, Leah and I were riding the free tram to get in line to get into the Pepsi Center. And this photographer with a big camera got off at the Hyatt. He said there was a rumor that Barack had checked into the Hyatt Hotel (with the special ESPN suite).

So anyway, on to the convention. We got a little bored with the Biden speech. It was very intimate and probably went over better on TV than live.

But hey, folks—did Barack spend too long on the lip lock with Biden’s wife Jill???? Uhmmm...did I just get all Clinton’d out and am not objective???

And Biden’s son—Beau Biden (biden biden, beau biden fee fi mo miden, bannana fanna ro riden, BIDEN!) saying in the midst of his beautiful speech that he has some obligation in the fall and he can’t be there to stand beside his father...what the hell???!!!! What the f@#$ is so important he can’t “be there” for his dad? What does that even mean? He won’t have time to vote for him? A verbal faux pas, I think.
[Oops - later we heard that he is being deployed to IRAQ and that's why he won't be here. Well, that's a good excuse.)

One more thing: we left a tiny bit early and got on the shuttle to go back to the hotel...on the BUS, another celebrity sighting: either Maxwell Kennedy (RFK’s son) or his cousin and Maria’s younger brother, Bobby Shriver.

Leah goes—no! do not approach him!! (I had been trying to talk to celebrities all night to help John at KFWB news radio. I interviewed Rufus Wainwright who is a jerk and Dennis Kucinich who is great.)

So I really wanted to know if this guy was a Kennedy or a Shriver. What to do? Why call my friend Debra in Santa Monica of course and ask her which Kennedy clan member is the one with the premature white hair.

But I started laughing too loud and sort of got hysterical with exhaustion and giggling and snorting that she had no idea what I was talking about. I was crying with laughter. Leah had to ask. Debra did not know. The people on the bus thought I was maybe on drugs.

When we came home, we googled imaged—it was indeed Max Kennedy and he got off at the very expensive exclusive hotel, the Brown Palace. I am very glad I did not ask if he was himself or his cousin and then start snorting.

Moral of the story: you can only cover an event for so many hours before exhaustion requires you to stop.

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