Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's all about HILLARY

Tuesday night and Leah and I saw Hillary's speech from high up in the KFWB skybox.

Now, wasn't that the BEST speech in Hillary's career? The crowd went wild over the damn movie. It only went up from there when Chelsea came out.

Great lines: "Were you in this for ME or where you in this for the veteran? Were you in this for ME or were you in this for the people without healthcare?"

Also, the hit on McCain, talking about him and Bush in Twin Cities. Hope Obama takes ahold of that line!! And the whole reference to the suffragettes and women gaining the vote 88 years ago.

We cried. You know the floor people run around with signs all the time depending on who is talking. Somehow, the Hillary signs and the "Obama/Hillary Unity" signs made it up to the skyboxes. I have no idea how, but we got them.

So hey: I was waving the sign for Ted, I was waving the sign for Michelle. Tonight I was waving the sign with all my heart for Hillary. And on Thursday, I'm sure I will be waving the sign for Barack.

Other notes: The hottest ticket of the day with the Emily's List luncheon at 2 pm. John got on the wait list and made it inside. There were only 40 slots for media and 300 of us showed up. They made it good: we got to see/hear the live video feed on 3 large screen monitors in the ballroom lobby. And, for those of you who know--they gave us lovely food--cheese cake and desert. I love them. They know what matters.

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Anonymous said...

I cried to, not only because I thought she gave a great speech, but I wished she was the candidate. I will vote for Obama because I don't want McCain!