Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Hidin' From Biden

I heard the news this morning on the radio. I never signed up for a text message. After all, I wanted a little suspense next week. But that's increasingly rare. (And that's why those old B&W movies are classics: Look Ma, something unscripted actually HAPPENS at a convention!) I've always liked Biden--he shoots off his mouth and wanders away from the talking points memo (in a good way). Remember when he lectured reporters at one the earlier debates about how much more dangerous Pakistan was than Iran? I remember he compared the two and said Iran was not even close (as a strategic danger). A little honest talk after 8 years of hard-sell marketing is a good thing. And of course, we can all connect the dots that Obama praised Doris Goodwin Kearns' book "Team of Rivals." I can imagine the meeting with Caroline Kennedy--start with my primary opponents. Um, except for Hillary.

As Leah says, it's good because she wants Obama to win. With Hillary, you always have the 'what-about-Bill?" question.

Dan says Biden has gravitas, the foreign policy cred, and the personal tragedy, up-from-poverty personal story.

And Owen from work says, the statue of limitations has passed on the college plagiarism scandal, plus he's survived personal tragedy (which includes but is not limited to the tragedy of hair plugs).

Now we've all just got to work on that double-b pronunciation: Oh-BOMB-a-BYE-Den! It kinda works.

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